TUNE: By Grace I'm Saved
TITLE: God Bless This State ( A Marriage Hymn)

Copyright 1998, Jim Meyer

God bless this state
That now we enter,
This state of love,
Of marriage sure
Help us to keep
Christ as our center,
As we see that each other's pure
In our own eyes, as in Yours too,
God bless us both,
Help us be true

Let all our fears
Go out the window,
For did Christ Jesus
Bear our sin,
We can't be perfect,
So please kindle
In us the fire that burns within,
It is the fire of Christ's own self,
Dwelling within us,
Giving help

No one is e'er
Prepared to marry,
So much unknown
Remains for now,
But You vow to
Both of us carry
Through thick and thin,
As you allow,
Help us to help ourseves we pray
To your Grace in
Word every day

So our dear Father
Bless this union,
Uphold us always
With your Christ,
Give us the Truth
So no confusion
Reigns o'er this
Bliss you supply,
Both of us now
Rest in Your hands,
Help us to live
By Your commands

And if You, Father,
Give us offspring,
Help us to raise them
So they see
That You do love them
So they're hearts sing
Baptize them in
Your Grace so free,
And keep them in
The One who bore
All of their sins

Yes, bless this state
That You created
When You made Eve
From Adam's rib,
Make us one flesh
As now we're mated
To one another
And forgive
All of our faults
And fill us with,
Your gracious Grace,
Our wedding gift

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