Does Your Church Have The Truth?

A church member should be certain that his church teaches and stands up for the right things. You should say, "My church has the Truth" because your eternal life is at stake. Those who are not true Christians would ask the question, sneering with Pontius Pilate: "What is Truth?" The popular idea about Truth is that is changes from person to person and from day to day. To reach the Truth is, as the popular song by old blue eyes says, "the impossible dream." So no one can be sure he has the Truth.

Even science has not found the Truth. Theories change from week to week. Even Darwin's theory of evolution has been proven to be lacking, even though it continues to be taught as "truth" in most schools. But, wait. Science is "seeking" truth, facts and the way things are. Because this search takes a lot of detours along the way does not mean that "The Truth" is not out there. It is.

As you are aware, Truth is a hard thing to find on your own. Philosophers and scientists have been trying for millennia. And the odd thing is that they are fighting against the Truth that has been revealed. Have you noticed how many seem to be out to deny God and God's Word? If the Bible says it, they deny it and work hard to prove that God is wrong. Even churchmen like Bishop Spong and the Jesus Seminar have given in to this renouncing of Truth.

Yet, the only Truth you can really be sure of is the Truth told you by God. Why?

Truth is the way God sees things. Truth is not the way you see things, or the scientist or the philosopher. Truth is in the mind of God and has been made into the stuff of this created universe by the Word He spoke. When God speaks His mind, thing happen. When God has His thoughts written down by men He moves, this is Truth.

Here are several illustrations. You go to the hospital to see a newborn baby. It looks so sweet and innocent. God sees that same child as a sinner in need of grace, forgiveness and Baptism. The pastor looks across his desk at a tearful penitent swearing he will give up drinking if his wife will not leave him, but God sees a selfish, pleasure seeking liar. You look around you in church and see a bunch of sinners, you among them; but God sees saints, holy people, washed in the blood of Christ and clothed in His own holiness. You see bread and wine when you come to the Lord's Supper, but God says that in them are the body and blood of His Son from the cross that forgives and strengthens. God sees these and says these truths in His Word, so we know them, too, to be the Truth.

Reality, Truth and "the way things really are" are in the eyes and mind of God, not yours or the people of the world. The world operates by sociology, psychology and business principles that may seem true, right, practical and, oh, so sucessful for the Christian. But they are shortsighted, man-centered - the way people see things. That is why you need to weigh all things the world tells you against the Word of God. When God inspired the writers of the Old and New Testament to write down His words, He was letting you in on the way He sees things. He was giving you a glimpse of the Truth, so that you would have the path to eternal life in a clear and simple way. And that Way, Truth and Life God made into the person and work of Jesus, the Christ.

What a church has, accepts, trusts and puts into action by teaching and confessing the principles of the Word of God, the Bible, it has the Truth.

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