Mar. 8, 2005


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Sermon: "Mothers, Don't Let Your Pastors Grow Up to be Entertainers."

Pastors' Real Life Experiences with Closed Communion

Persecution of Christians in Sudan !

Texas Ignores Persecution of Christians in America !


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Summer Class in Austin.

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A Blessed Lenten Season

The Texas Confessional Lutherans, laymen and pastors, ordinarily meet on the fourth Thursday of January, March, May, September, and November (3rd Thursday in Nov. to avoid conflict with Thanksgiving) at Grace Lutheran Church, Brenham, Tx.

The meetings begin at 11:00 a.m. with devotions and continue until 3:00 p.m. The group breaks for a catered lunch at noon. The cost of the excellent lunch is about $6.00.

The Texas Confessional Lutherans' purpose is to foster genuine Lutheran understanding and practice of the Christian faith in the Texas District of the Lutheran Church -Missouri Synod. In order to accomplish this goal, study of the Lutheran Confessions (the official, historical doctrinal statements - see the link on the sidebar), Scripture and contemporary issues and events occupy the group.

Texas District LCMS Convention News and Comments

Thought for the Day

"Quote from Schmauk"

"The real question is not what do you subscribe, but what do you believe and publicly teach, and what are you transmitting to those who come after? If it is the complete Lutheran faith and practice, the name and number of the standards is less important. If it is not, the burden of proof rests upon you to show that your more incomplete standard does not indicate an incomplete Lutheran faith."

Theodore E. Schmauk and C. Theodore Benze, The Confessional Principle and the Confessions, as Embodying the Evangelical Confession of the Christian Church, Philadelphia: 1911, p. 890.

The Meeting for March
Moved up one week because of Maundy Thursday

Please plan to attend our next bi-monthly meeting THURSDAY, March 17, 2005 beginning at 11:00 a.m. at Grace Lutheran Church in Brenham. 

Rev. Eric Stefanski will be the speaker.

Rev. Daniel Schoessow, Secretary
phone: (936) 873-2175

Officers for 2005 are:

Rev. Andrew Simcak

Vice Chairman:

Rev. Jerome Teichmiller


Rev. Daniel Schoessow


Mr. Onis Finke

Program Committee:

Rev. James Heiser

Anyone is welcome to attend the meetings of Texas Confessional Lutherans. We hope that you will find people of like mind and heart, deeply committed to Jesus Christ and the truth of His Holy Word who desire to protect and project His Gospel in Texas and beyond.

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