The Christ of Advent Will Thrice Come

(Tune: Lift Up Your Heads...)

The Christ of Advent will thrice come,
The third time He will take us home
To the mansions He has prepared
Because His own life was not spared
Then on the Third Day He did rise
Up from the dead, a grave surprise,
For ev'ryone on earth,
Such was His cause for birth

At first He came as God's own Word,
Who did create all of the world,
Then was enfleshed in Mary's womb,
From Virgin birth to open tomb,
Triumphant on the cross was He,
In triumph set He all men free,
Baptized, we are His own,
Now heaven is our home

The second time He comes is now,
In water, bread and wine, and how
He does bless us with these His gifts
In Word and Sacrament He lifts
Us from our sins, bestowing on
Our hearts repentant, He the Son
Gives us His very Name,
Having borne all our shame

All saints, rejoice, that we His sheep
Will on the Last Day shout and leap
As the young beast, untamed and free,
Trans formed in body, just as He
Now shines with brightest, whitest robes,
Perfected by the One who chose
Us all before time was,
Ah, such things God's Christ does

Jim Meyer 1999

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