As the years progressed my parents worried that my grade mare, Sugar, was getting too old and would not be around much longer.  I have had Sugar since 1977and she is a big part of my life.  They were concerned about what having to do without a horse would do to me.  For that reason they decided to give me the money to purchase a young horse.  I have been interested in Arabians for some time and I decideded to buy an Arabian filly.  I did a little checking and discovered that Texas A&M University had several Arabian horses for sale.  They had a mare with a weanling filly, a yearling gelding, a yearling filly and a Half-Arab mare.   After viewing these horses, with a couple of friends, I chose the yearling filly.  I did consider the mare and foal, but the mare was somewhat plain (although she did have a nice pedigree) and her filly would run away from us even if we stood beside her dam.  The yearling gelding was a fairly nice bay, but he did have a little scarring.  Besides, he was a gelding and someday I'd like to raise a foal.  I wanted a pure Arabian (eliminating the half-Arab mare) that I could raise and train to be a family horse and that I could eventually raise a foal from.  The yearling filly was a wild looking black-bay, but she allowed me to walk right up to her and even touch her ears!  I bought her and after examining her pedigree I registered her as TaraKaribeMinGwara, which is Arabic, meaning Tara relative of Gwara.

Tara in 1997

For the first month or so I kept Tara with a friends horses and later moved Sugar there too.  They lived there for about a year and a half before my friend sold her horses and moved.  I found a nice little pasture that I could rent by the month and that is where Tara and Sugar live now.  Tara likes my children and will follow them around the pasture watching them play.  She has started her training and seems to take to the saddle quite well, but she would prefer not to have a bit!  I am taking my time with her and I can tell she'll be a very nice riding horse!

..Tara with my son.

These photos were taken Spring 2000, by Jennifer Harbert


Tara's Pedigree

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