Mary Hannah (Munnerlyn) English
(1 Dec 1845 - 2 Jun 1927)

Mary Hannah was the eldest child of Colonel Charles James Munnerlyn, Sr. and Harriet Eugenia Shackelford, born in Decatur County, Georgia on 1 Dec 1845.  Mary Hannah married Capt. Isaac Buckingham English the 28th December, 1875, at "Refuge," Decatur county, GA., the home of the bride's father, Hon. Charles J. Munnerlyn, by Rev. H. L. Ho--, Mr. I. B. English of Macon, Ga. Mary and Isaac had six children. Their son Paul Buckingham English died at age 10 and is buried at the Munnerlyn cemetery in Decatur County, GA.  Eugenia Munnerlyn English died at age five, and is buried at Riverside cemetery in Macon, GA. Mary, surviving her husband, Capt. Isaac B. English, at the time near his death included herself and four children from this marriage: Carolie (Mrs. Thomas Hartley Hall), I. B. English, Junior, Raymond (Mrs. Walter Hammond Beeks), and Mary Munnerlyn (Miss Steven Malone Solomon, Jr.).  Mary died in Macon, Georgia on June 2nd 1927 and is buried at Riverside.

Isaac Buckingham English, Jr, died at age 29.  He was not married and had no children.
Raymond (English) Beeks, died in 1941, childless.
Carolie (English) Hall, died in 1954, and is survived by her one son, Thomas Hartley Hall, Jr.
Mary Munnerlyn (English) Solomon, died in 1967, and was survived by three sons, eight grandchildren, and several great grandchildren.


Spouse of Mary Hannah ( Munnerlyn) English
Isaac Buckingham English

(2 May 1836 - 22 Jan. 1908)

Children of Mary & Isaac English
Photo taken in front of the English home, 
"Oak Haven".

The children are from left to right: I. B. English, Jr; unidentified friend; Carolie (Mrs. Thomas Hartley Hall); Raymond (Mrs. Walter Hammond Beeks); and Mary Munnerlyn (Mrs. Steven Malone Solomon, Jr.)


Oak Haven, the home place of Mary Hannah Munnerlyn and Isaac Buckingham English.  This home was built after the original 1875 home place burned in 1892.  Mary Munnerlyn English Solomon, who was a child when the house burned, told of how the furnishings were taken from the burning house and sheltered under the limbs of one of the large oaks on the property, which suggested the name "Oak Haven."  The family lived in the carriage house, which they had papered with the "cotton paper" from I.B. English's cotton warehouse, for the year it took to build the brick Victorian structure.  All of the English daughters, Carolie, Raymond, and Mary, were married in this home.  The house was razed in 1965.


Descendant Relation:
James Sr.>Capt. John>Charles Lewis>Charles James Sr.>Mary Hannah (MUNNERLYN) English