Judith's Programs

These programs were written for the Euphoria Language.

This and a few following releases will be bug fixes and very minor improvements. Since changes will not affect the entire IDE I am including the GNU utilities (diff and patch) Martin Stachon provided for the BE testers to update changed IDE files. Please read the readme.txt file for information. You may download the full IDE zip or the patch file. You do not need to download both.
File Comments Size Uploaded Ver
IDE v0.18.22 Requires Win32lib v0.60.4 from: http://www.users.bigpond.com/ddparnell/euphoria/euphoria.htm  592kb 09-08-2004 0.18.22
ToDo List View IDE's List of Submitted Requests online  15kb 09-08-2004 ALL
patch.zip GNU utilities to use with IDE patch file   111kb 09-28-2003 ALL
patch18-10 IDE patch file. Apply patch to 0.18.8.   04-19-2004 0.18.10
IDE.htm View IDE documentation online  154kb 09-08-2004 0.18.22
IDE_Demos Sample PRJ files contributed by IDE users.  73kb 10-20-2003 ALL
IDE_log Detailed Change Log History in Html format. Probably not of interest to most users. 65kb 09-08-2004 ALL
              User Contributed Messages In Other Languages
Copy unzipped selected module to \Language folder in IDE distribution.Do not remove English.lng
IDE_msgCzech.zip Updated! Translation by Martin Stachon and Mira Balikova  17kb 08-014-2004  0.18.10+
IDE_msgGerman.zip Updated! Translation by Roland Stowasser  17kb 08-14-2004  0.18.10+

Please read IDE.htm (not IDE_log.html) within the IDE zip file, or online above, for information about this release. This release is fully functional but may have some undiscovered bugs.

I would like to thank the following people for periodic testing, code snippets and other improvements throughout the evolution of IDE: Aku, David Aldred, Mira Balikova, Travis W. Beaty, CoJaBo, Andy Drummond, Euman, Jan Hancic, Josef Jindra, Erik-Jan van Kampen, Rob Kraybill, "Leviathan", Ck Lester, Dan Moyer, Irv Mullins, Don Phillips, Elliott Sales de Andrade, Martin Stachon, Mario Steele, Roland Stowasser, Robert Sy, Virtual B and Sascha Zindel. And David Cuny, Matt Lewis and Derek Parnell for supplying advice, suggestions, etc.

Please Note:
Bleeding Edge version has been withdrawn due to a great many logic problems.
Hopefully the version will be re-offered in a few weeks. 
Bleeding Edge version
Please, for testing only, probably has bugs. See Bug Report below. 
Bleeding Edge IDE Requires Win32lib v0.60.1 or later http://www.users.bigpond.com/ddparnell/euphoria/euphoria.htm 07-23-2004 0.19.0
Translator's Tool Kit Prj files of Windows recently modified for translations.  64kb 02-15-2004 0.18

Reported Bugs and Changes:
Those marked as Fixed will be in next upload (by sub version).
Those marked as Possibly Fixed I can not duplicate but made a guess at fixing.
When changing Name, Row and Column in Properties, and Wait For Enter Key not checked for these fields in Configurations, user must click in the field between each key press. Pending 07-23-2004 0.19.0
When looking up direct parent of a control, the routine interrogates a control from the active window. However the routine is called from routines in which the window's controls are not from the current window. This might result in a crash when the number of controls differ from window to window and, if there is not a crash, certainly lead to incorrect parenting. Pending 07-23-2004 0.19.0
Renaming control problem. Example: rename Window1 to cWindow1. Add code to cWindow1_click in code editor and close editor. Add Pushbutton2 and erase its name. Then start keying it back letter by letter starting with cPush. As each letter is keyed cWindow1_click class module name gets the cPush.... prefixed. Partially Fixed. Name change works but if Wait For Enter Key is not checked in configuratins for Name, user must click between each keystroke if there is code data. 07-23-2004 0.19.0
When delete a control in a TabItem using right-click popup delete option, the TabItem gets deleted instead. When using the keyboard delete key this does not happen. Fixed 07-23-2004 0.19.0
When IDE opens and there are tabitems in the project, the tabitem shown in TabItem combo in toolbar is not the same as the one drawn in Design. Fixed 07-23-2004 0.19.0
Fixed bug where background colors were not showing in the color lists in Code Editor options. Fixed 07-21-2004 0.19.0
Added missing exit.xpm and print.xpm files to Resources folder. Fixed 07-21-2004 0.19.0
Fixed bug where EGW_AddColumn statement for EuGrid child control was not correct. Fixed 07-17-2004 0.19.0
Col and Row in Propety may now use Shift+S. Changed 07-11-2004 0.19.0
Fixed bug using arrow keys to adjust controls when multiple controls have been selected with Shift+S and the controls had child controls. What happened was not all children adjusted correspondingly with parent. Fixed 07-11-2004 0.19.0
When select a control from ProjectView "Form" or from Properties control's dropdown, no longer swith to that control in Code Editor. Change 07-10-2004 0.19.0
Added Property back color for scroll bars, pixmap. Change 07-09-2004 0.19.0
Add Property text color for EditText, List and Labels. Change 07-09-2004 0.19.0
Code Editor slipping behind Controls. We may have to accept this behavior. Pending 07-08-2004 0.19.0
When IDE opens with Code Editor opened, Code Editor may be positioned too high and each run of IDE positions it even higher. Fixed 07-08-2004 0.19.0
When IDE opens with Code Editor opened, Code Editor's coding panel width is too narrow by the size of the line gutter. Fixed 07-08-2004 0.19.0
Splash window's text overridding loading information. Fixed 07-07-2004 0.19.0
When set configurations How Major Windows Open so that IDE opens at last position and size and IDE is minimized and closed, upon restarting IDE, IDE is minimized and user can only maximize from system tray. There is the same problem if set Code Editor to open at last position and size and then minimize before closing IDE. Upon restarting IDE, IDE will crash. Fix for IDE is to use position and size values prior to minimization. NOTE: the first time you use IDE with this fix, IDE will use default values because .cfg has minimization values until IDE closes. Fixed 07-07-2004 0.19.0
Resize Form Design. Resize Window1 larger and the grid does not size to fit. This is only a problem when using win32lib v0.60.0 and is ok with win32lib v0.59.1 Fixed 07-04-2004 0.19.0
Syntax bug in IDE for Win32lib v0.59.1 Fixed 07-03-2004 0.19.0
Neglected to add fix for Ctrl+Shift+Arrow keys Fixed 07-03-2004 0.19.0
IDEFlags was being defined multiple times in IDE_proj.ew. Fixed 07-02-2004 0.19.0
A reported crash displaying error message #147. Fixed 07-02-2004 0.19.0
Add Initial Values to List control crashes due to missed change of controls to window[selectedWindow]. Fixed 06-30-2004 0.19.0
There is an include for tk_trim.e in IDE_help.ew that I missed removing. Fixed 06-30-2004 0.19.0
EuGrid control did not allow Static control be multiline. Fixed 06-30-2004 0.19.0
EuGrid control EditText control not showing Property " Format" after "Numeric" but at end of Styles list. Fixed 06-30-2004 0.19.0
When changing Properties and there is code in Code Editor for any control, IDE keeps giving focus to Project View Class Modules between keystrokes. Fixed 06-30-2004 0.19.0
Improved documentation about new Code Editor and using tabs. Changed 06-28-2004 0.19.0
When save (saveAs) project, shell code was written to .dat file even if no other coding present for the event. Fixed 06-27-2004 0.19.0
If opening a project fails due to a "cannot find *.dat" error, it still partially opens the file. Fixed 06-26-2004 0.19.0
When saving project, if .dat file can not be written, IDE crashed. Fixed 06-26-2004 0.19.0
convertPrjToSrc.exw needed include statement corrected for location of Print.e Fixed 06-26-2004 0.19.0
UnDo was not working correctly in editors. Fixed 06-26-2004 0.19.0
Added new messages to English.lng and translation files. Changes to translation files are found in official translation downloads above. Also updated html docs with minor information about var: param in Properties Caption and Hint Text and short information about tabs in Code Editor. Changed 06-25-2004 0.19.0
If WinMain() appears commented-out in (final), IDE doesn't put the WinMain() command. It should only not put the WinMain() command if there is a WinMain() command that is not commented-out. Fixed 06-24-2004 0.19.0
When using multiple popup controls, if you delete a popup menu and there is another popup menu below it, the caption for the one below is also deleted. Note: when fixing this bug it was discovered Menu and Timer Editors had the same error. Fixed 06-24-2004 0.19.0
If a Eu program has crashed and the EXW console window is kept open (even if IDE didn't start that program), any IDE (this will happen if IDE was started before or after the program was run) will stop responding (it won't crash with an EX.ERR and uses 0% CPU during the crash) if you double-click in the Form Design window or open then close code editor. IDE starts working when the program is closed. Pending 04-27-2004 0.18.10
It has been suggested I rethink the Form behavior when it is maximized and then undocked. I had it maximize full screen and the suggestion is that I keep it the same size as it was when 'maxed' but 'restore'. More opinions would be appreciated. For the time being, in the next upload, I will return to former behavior. Pending 04-20-2003 0.17.0
Selecting from Show Popup when multiple popup still crashes on some Windows machines. Pending 06-12-2003 0.18.0